A Few Good Projects


Do you have an unique computer technology problem facing you?

I am looking for 1 or 2 clients that need a special system designed and implemented for you. After 40 years of technology experience I am limiting myself to tackling projects that are unique and interesting. I have a long list of credentials and history with successful projects working with 1 person companies to those of Fortune 100 companies. Now I want to concentrate on just one or two projects that would be challenging.

Historical Success

I have 40 years of experience in business and technology related industries. I have been responsible for the creation of a number of business solutions from small businesses to worldwide corporations. I have dealt with a range of clients from senior executives to front line clerks. Every project I have been involved in has been a success. During the past 25 years I have guided my corporation through years of success as an independent consultant, a task that is not achieved by many in the industry.


As an example of the complex systems I have dealt with, I have revolutionized several Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies to properly manage their sales and promotional marketing budgets during the last 25 years. The last development introduced new procedures through extensive change management so they could mange a budget approaching 1 billion dollars. The resultant technology solution that I implemented managed over 3500 projects and affected over 350 end users in the first year. These changes were created through participation with an interdisciplinary steering committee representing all the various departments of Marketing and Marketing operations.

Your Project

Your project may never approach such a complex system. The same techniques used in a large system will ensure the success of a project that may only take a few days to complete and affect only a few people.

I can help you

I will be glad to provide more details of skills and projects completed if you are interested. My skills are full stack experiences more than you can find anywhere on the Internet. Most of the work will be completed remotely. Just a few of my skills:

Be sure to check out examples of various solutions used for custom user interfaces at Gauges and other Interfaces.

  • Databases such as Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access
  • Programming languages such as: JavaScript, PHP, Java C#, Object C, ASP, ADO, VBA, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder
  • Applications such as: Office Excel, Workd, MS Access
  • Operating systems such as: Windows, Linux, Mac, Network Servers

Your Project

Pricing is dependent on the type of project and the value you place on the outcome. Ok, the work might not be completely free, but you will be surprised how affordable this level of experience will be. In many cases, the price will be based upon the value you place on the results.